York Ice Trail!

York’s a lovely little place rich with history and culture, as well as attractions and various eateries.  With lots on offer it’s a great day or weekend trip.

We arrived later than planned. You know how it is, slept in a little ’cause i was up all hours doing uni work, throw a child in the mix and then waiting an hour to get parked and things are delayed. Ah well, what can you do? So 3pm rolls around and we finally get out into York centre.

I downloaded the only map i had seen (little did i know there was a great detailed one online!) which to be honest, was pretty useless – please think more ahead next time Visit York)


Here are a few pictures of the ones we finally found as the night drew in. A little melted and unshaped but Ruby still loved them and they had held up well considering the time stood out on what was surprisingly not a cold day at all.

To close are own mini trail we walked through the markets where there was a santa’s grotto that we just missed opening hours for and some fun fair rides for children. We popped into York’s chocolate story before heading to the Postern Gate (Wetherspoons) for some well needed dinner. On our way through the cobbled streets we came across a lovely female busker, whose name I sadly do not know & a few other semi melted ice sculptures.

Mains and deserts demolished it was about time to head back. The car park was still full to my surprise as a few short weeks ago it was undisturbed in the later hours. Before bundling into the car to head back we took a quick trip up the castle hill stairs to take in the views of the city and pretend we were Royalty. Which me and Carrie kind of are if you consider our last name.

See you soon York!



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