Who am i?

Welcome to the little space of internet that is ALL mine.

My name is Natalie, welcome to my life.

I’m your average, non average, 20 year old. I’ve moved so many times I have lost count, crossed the country alone since age 14 and always loved the journey to the destination.

I grew up in God’s true country, that’s Scotland if you’re unaware, lived on the Costa del Sol for around 6 months and loved to see the world since I could walk. I’m in love with Scotland and have a soft spot for Spain. The goal is to speak more Spanish one day. Pero, Mañana Mañana..right?

I don’t take life or myself too seriously, most of the time, but if you want to discuss why human life exists or the purpose of it, then pull up a chair and be my friend.

If you love the craziness and blessings of everyday life, this is the blog for you. A blog that depicts the whole adventure that being 20 is; exploring the world and not always doing what society suggests.
I live to be me!

Join me on my adventures in Britain and beyond. The madness of being the eldest of four girls, my thoughts & theories and a university student.

My Spotify goes from Bobby Vinton > Drake > James blunt > Adele > Akon > Ed Sheeran > Westlife. #dealwithit

Enjoy the stories of my life!
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Instagram: @wherenatgoes
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E-mail: wherenatgoes@gmail.com

Please, feel free to say hello, share stories or insights! My inbox is always open!

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