Whitby is a great day out; places to go, things to see and chips to indulge with! My visit was in two parts as the first time I had two VERY trying children in tow and I was done after a couple of hours. #callmeweak

Outing one began when the smallest human, along with my cat, crawled into my bed at 7:20am, it was time to wake up.

The first destination on our sisterly day trip was Saltwick bay. It’s directly in front of Whitby Holiday Park, easy to find and parking is available.

-Humorous TMI story: The drive is around an hour from our house so we all arrived with the need to pee. So open goes the front and the rear door and one by one (all four of us) marked our territory in the same spot without getting noticed by a passerby. Success. –

Bladders empty, it was down to the bay to enjoy the sand and waves. There’s a path down which is easy to find and navigate; and once upon the bay you are greeted with the peaceful sound of the ocean. The thing I liked most about this place is how quiet and unpopulated it is compared to the larger beaches. We had a lovely couple of hours and no one ate sand – bonus.

After the beach it was onwards to Whitby Abbey, just down the road. Instead of walking around we decided to hop the wall, an effortless task for two adults and Ava, however a different story with Ruby. I have never laughed so much trying to get a child over a wall, so much so, I couldn’t help Carrie on the other side and a lovely man even asked if I needed help. I didn’t, I just needed to stop paralysing myself with laughter. Not that it hurt, everyone following then jumped the wall also.

Once over we had a look around, took in the views from all angles and snapped some photos.

Whitby abbey was inspiration for Bram Stoker’s gothic tale ‘Dracula.’ The first monastery here, founded in 657AD, by the Anglo-Saxon era King of Northumbria, Oswy (Oswiu) as Streoneshalh (Whitby’s older name).

Trip 2

This trip involved a peaceful car ride, great songs and no winging, heaven. 16 miles down from Whitby is Hayburn Wyke, a little waterfall leading into the ocean.

The trail begins at the Hayburn Wyke Inn, a local pub with a friendly feel. We shortened the trail by going up the hill, over the fence and down the path. This makes it around 10-15 minutes. We came to an opening about half way and I felt like I had been transported abroad. How could this be England? The sun was shining, the air was semi warm and the view was beautiful. We eagerly waked down and perched ourselves upon a rock to eat lunch. I have never felt so peaceful in my life. Every stress melted away, it was just me, my sister, the sea and our sandwiches. Oh, and a couple on the other rock, but they left not long after.

Whitby is a place full of energy and atmosphere. Walking around through the cobbled streets hearing the buskers playing and all the cute stores gives to the personality of the place.

We strolled through the town and up to the iconic whalebone arch. The arch was erected in 1853 to recognize the town’s important whaling industry. Whaling was a chance for great wealth, though a highly dangerous task, with many loosing lives. The arch of today is actually the third with the previous two becoming weathered and at risk of crumbling.

Nearby the arch stands the stature of the explorer Captain Cook who learnt seamanship as an apprentice in Whitby. The west cliffs give great views over the town, defiantly stop to take these in!

To close our visit we took at walk down the pier, although I could have been walking anywhere the way my hair was constantly in my face. Crazy wind. Along the pier there is a real personal touch to Whitby. An alignment of benches dedicated to lovers of the town that have passed, it is truly heart touching reading each plaque. The town operates a commemorative tree and bench programme, enabling individuals to pay tribute to a loved one whilst adding to the aesthetic appeal of the town.

To complete both our trips it was straight to Mister Chips to grab fish and chips and a battered sausage – omg – they are to die for!

Take a trip to Whitby, you won’t regret it!


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