Manchester, i stand with you.

Manchester, i stand with you.

My words can not heal. My voice may not be heard. But i shall write. I shall write to allow the few who may see this to remember the good things about the Manchester Arena, about Manchester.

As i watch the footage appear again and again i can pinpoint the seats in which i have sat. The exact area where i stood with my sister as we danced our butts of to the best Concert I’ve ever attended – Olly Murs. The seats where i sat with my siblings and sang along with the finalists of X factor. The atmosphere of true happiness felt by an entire arena. 

I can see the steps that i have walked up, the doors i have walked through & the foyer i have walked around. Passing people beaming with smiles, those dressed up, kids with banners and parents buying their children overpriced merchandise just to see them smile.

It was my local city, it always will be. I could hop on the X41 or the X43 for as little as £4 and spend my day walking Heaton Park or shopping, which usually ended up in buying cookies before running for the bus home. I can not imagen how many miles i have walked in the Trafford centre, it felt like i lived there at one point & i hate shopping. But it’s a great place to shop, my favorite being the food hall. My heart is heavy today and will be for some time.

I ask myself “How do i live without fear?” 

The answer is, i do not know. It is easy to say we will stand in solidarity, because we will. It is easy to say our spirit won’t be broken, because it will not. But it is not easy to remove the thought of “I may die today” when leaving the house. I may attend an event and never return to my family. I may be in the position where i sacrifice myself for another because i know that is who i am. I’d take anything to protect my siblings and to protect anyone who needs my help.

However, we will all continue our lives. We will go to work and talk about the weather, we will drink our tea and talk about how united we are as a nation. We may be the most unfathomable place to others, yet the true sense of holding hands in a crisis is seen, within seconds, when a fellow brit requires our help. People opening their homes providing food, shelter and water, people from across the country willing to travel to collect somone they have never heard of & the true power of the NHS and their dedication to help our people.

It is this we will remember. The terror is somewhat temporary, the reaction of compassion is not. Those taken will never be forgotten and Manchester as a city will not allow them to be lost in vain.

Manchester, i stand with you.

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Taken from the news:

•If you were at or around Manchester Arena last night and have any information that may help Greater Manchester Police in their investigation or if you want to report any suspicious activity call the anti-terrorist hotline 0800 789321 or 999.

•Police are appealing in particular for anyone with footage or photos from the concert that may help them piece together what happened to upload them to the UK Police Image Appeal website:

2 thoughts on “Manchester, i stand with you.

  1. I stand with Manchester.I was born there,round the corner from old Trafford.I stand with Manchester love ❤ will all the beautiful angels 😇 we may not know you but your in our hearts.terror will never win.x

  2. Tribute song from me is walk on walk on with hope in are hearts ❤️ (We get rid off terriost) as Manchester will never walk alone walk onnnnn 🌹🌹🌹🌹

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