It’s Ma Birthday!

Today, I turn 20 years old. I have lived a quarter to a fifth of my life. Huh.

20 snippets of my life so far:

  • Climbing my first mountain
  • Being voted top swinger at the park – what a night
  • Getting lost in the Lake District with my sister
  • Being chased by a cow – NOT FUN (I do not recommend)
  • Celebrating the new year in Germany
  • Achieving an A in English Lang – Cheers Mrs Marsland
  • Living in Spain
  • Almost getting drowned by Caz – Top sis
  • Parasailing in Tunisia
  • Locking down the holiday park because apparently, I was ‘missing’
  • Learning to drive
  • Seeing the sights of Iceland (RECOMMEND)
  • Got two cats – Crazy
  • Somehow not breaking a bone as a kid
  • Driving to France and back, all 1200 miles
  • Busting my ankle at the aqua park – Genius
  • Started Uni
  • Bought fancy wellies
  • Got a bit fat
  • & Best of all I didn’t get myself pregnant!

I have often lived as the result of others choices, opinions and influence. The part I like most about ageing is that this point becomes less of an issue. My forever independent self can be more so, do more and become more. I can distance myself from those who put a negative film over my eyes and only accept those in who don’t. The ability to follow my instincts becomes stronger. I’m teaching myself how to be selfish, put myself first and live my life whilst striking the balance of being there for others also.

I guess it never felt like I’d turn 20, but I have, so I better get a  shift on before I turn 30 and all I have to add to my list is 10 more cats.

Happy 29th July guys!



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