This post is a little different to what I have written about so far. I guess my first “life” post. -oooo serious- nope, not at all. This post goes out to my fellow DNA, the ones who fart and burp one after the other and I’m not sure if I’m bursting with pride or bursting with disgust.

Wait, no..

DEFINITELY PRIDE. And I’m usually the one who can’t complete the sequence, it’s really disheartening. If you have a sister, you may understand.. if you have 3, a little more. I have 3, & I’m the eldest.

We come in two parts of one whole: I and Carrie (19&16) and Ava and Ruby (6&4)

Other families like this may have the two eldest and two youngest as best friends. The magical thing about ours is that we’re all best friends. It’s isn’t uncommon to find us all squeezed into one bed laughing and joking, if you follow me, you’ll of seen. We come as a package, if you choose me, you choose them too.

There’s no other people in the world that could make me laugh like they do. I’m lucky to have my sisters as my best friends. I’m lucky that me and Carrie are so close. I mean she’s a brat & she sometimes sweats in her sleep BUT we have the best relationship. We do everything together, we’re the ones laughing in the cinema not caring, getting ice cream at 3am, bursting out into song just before we sleep, being mad women with our kittys, hitting the road and singing every word… we even make our own sad remixes as we go. You should see our car dancing #word. My social media stories consist of her and her’s consist of me – when I let her record me that is.

We drink endless cups of tea together, binge Netflix and I can always count on her to be down for an adventure even if that means making it to Tesco by midnight and it’s currently 11:51. Trust me, you’ve never seen two girls get dressed so fast and be so darn excited.

We did live apart for a while when we were very young but that didn’t put anything between us. For as long as we can both remember we’ve shared a bed, even though she had her own (we actually still do) & even go to the toilet as a duo. My gran used to tell little 4yo Carrie to leave me alone while I pee, but it never bothered me. Even now it’s not uncommon to find us having a chat while one of us is propped on the loo. Siblings are basically there to bring you tissue when it runs out anyways, right? We’re twins, just born 3 years apart. Where one goes, the other shall follow.

I’ve lived away from them all before, Scotland, Spain, Birmingham. But that doesn’t stop our relationship. Regularity is important and we pick up where we left off. I almost cried when I missed Ava’s first day of school.

Ava is like a mini me. She is the one human who taught me what true love is. I don’t speak about how I feel a lot. I never confess my love for anyone. But I could confess my love for her. The day she came into this world she became my pinpoint. The reason I smile, the reason I keep going when i am struggling, the reason I sometimes want to pull out my hair. When i lived in Spain i was having a conflicting time, do i stay, do i go, where should i be. I had a print out of her and Ruby in my planner which i looked at each day. It helped when i was sat in a school for 7 hrs a day with constant spanish & before I went to sleep. I still have that piece of paper to this day, folded up and in a frame.

There is something about looking at a child’s face that reminds you that life isn’t always that bad, they can make you smile in the worst of moments and sometimes I truly believe my little bundles of joy saved me from some crap situations.

Rubes is a mini Carrie, she’s chunky and clumsy and she has no fear about whacking you over the head with a candle. Which somehow was my fault as I innocently sat on the settee.. ask Claire. She’s as good as gold untill mum comes along and then boy will she winge. My God. I have never wanted to scream at someone so much as when kids winge with that fake cry. But I don’t, obvs, because i will NOT give them the power. So instead i sit out the way and laugh as I lose my insanity.

So there you have it, a shout out to my homies.

No matter where I am in life I always have my gang and they are the real definition of ride or die.

Peace to the world, pop your kids some siblings. ✌🏼👭👭💝

All my love – your big sister.

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